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  1. Usefull hint. I have to get copy as soon I’ll hit the region again.

    After I’ve checked l’enco completo I was missing il nuovo bivacco Danilo Sartore and la Capanna Sociale Carmagnola, ex caserma militare, non gestiti, 12 posti, both in Valle Maira.

    Nice to see the listings of two pretty new ones: il rifugio Viviere, mentioned in this post and il Grongios Martre in Valle Varaita, Bosco dell’Alevé.

    La Comunità Montana valli Maira e Grana issued a 20 page flyer listing all kinds of accomodations (hotels, rifugi, bivacci, escursionisti, agroturismo) and prices.

    Ciao Wolfram

    • laura conforti

      Dear Wolfram,
      thanks for your comment on the Annuario Rifugi. The new hut Danilo Sartore was not included in the book because it was drafted before we knew about the existence of the bivacco. For what concerns the Carmagnola hut: it was not in the list we got from the Apline Club so we did not include it. Anyway, you gave a useful spot for next edition!
      Have a nice day, Laura, +eventi edizioni

  2. Dear Laura,

    that’s what I assumed. The construction guys just could not keep up with your deadline.
    The Carmagnola is my favorite because I check this first in every listing. And it was not featuered in the flyer I mentioned above.

    Have a nice weekend


  3. Uff a Sampeyre e al Vallanta non ce l’avevano… ditemi un rifugio dove sapete che posso trovarlo che parto 😀

  4. Qualcuno è riuscito a trovarlo da qualche parte in Val Varaita? Grazie.

  5. Alla fine sono riuscito a trovarlo all’ufficio del turismo di Saluzzo. Grazie comunque.